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 Aida Tawil

Aida Tawil Co-founder and editor of womeninjordan website Senior journalist, member of the Jordan Press Association (JPA) since 1993 , worked in the only English Newspaper The Jordan Times and the major Arabic Dailies in Amman over the past 20 years. What made me aware of the role of journalists in establishing a change in the attitudes of the average Jordanians towards the better, is the experience I gained , through participation in many missions and activities outside Jordan; I attended the first Leadership course at the International Leadership Academy ( ILA) which is part of the UN University in Amman. As well I traveled to many European ,worldwide countries on journalistic missions. I believe I gained a sense of criticism to see in depth , our real role as journalists in establishing the requested change and to be really the agents of change. I believe such experience would enhance my capabilities to gain the trust of society that needed to succeed .

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 Maha Sharif

Maha Sharif Co-founder and editor of womeninjordan website Senior journalist, member of the Jordan Press Association (JPA) since 1994 , works until today at the major Arabic Daily (Ad-Dustour) newspaper as a managing editor, and a columnist. Was the editor in chief of The Star weekly from 2003-2010 .

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Our vision

Our vision “”, a bilingual e-news website, is a local Jordanian news service that covers issues of particular concern to women and development, and advocates social justice and equal rights to education, health, work and political participation. The website, which has taken off into cyberspace just recently, engages local writers, journalists and contributors, and aspires to become a mouthpiece and launch pad for women and girls in Jordan and beyond. “womeninjordan” aims to raise the awareness of women, and to highlight their challenges and achievements which would form a beacon for young women who are eager to emulate successful role models. Our goal We hope through this website to highlight more about the development of women in Jordan and to unite and mobilize women to take part in Jordan’s reforms and development. We will strive to advocate among women the “4-self” spirit: Self-confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem and self-improvement, and to help enhance women equality and remove barriers facing women—who constitute half the society—in fulfilling their potentials and development.

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