Friday , February 23 2018
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New library in Azraq refugee camp opened With German support

New library in Azraq refugee camp opened With German support

Amman(womeninjordan)— a new library in village 3, Camp Azraq, was
recently officially opened by the Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy, Mr.Jaime Sperberg.

According to the embassy ,the library is a joint project between the Goethe-Institut in Amman and CARE, an international aid organisation. The German Foreign Office
provided 30000 Euros for the project. The contents of the library were
selected in close consultation with CARE Jordan, who from now on will run
the library.
Most of the children and youth books as well as the books for adults on
the shelves of the library are in Arabic, but some are also in English and
French. The Goethe-Institut donated six books for young people translated
into Arabic, which are among the most popular and successful works of
the past decades in Germany to the library. The books like “Krabat” from
Ottfried Preußler or “The Neverending Story” from Michael Ende are part
of the Goethe literature project “1001 Pages. Books for young people”,
aimed at youngsters from the Arabic-speaking world.
“Such a library has the function of fomenting reading and conveying
values which is crucial for the development of intellectual and emotional
skills of young people”, Sperberg said in his opening statement.
The library will provide a safe space for children, youth and adults in which
they can access an extensive selection of media and strengthen their
individual creative potential. Cultural educational programs for the
community will be hosted on a regular basis.

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