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Women for the Mediterranean,Barcelona 10-11 October 2016

Women for the Mediterranean,Barcelona 10-11 October 2016

Amman(womeninjordan)—The Third Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) High-Level
Conference on Women Empowerment (10-11 October 2016 )will gather main
stakeholders fostering women’s empowerment around the
Mediterranean to share ideas, experiences, initiatives and
recommendations regarding the essential role that women
play in promoting peace, development and stability.

The 2016 Euro-Mediterranean context and increasing challenges lead more than ever to address
cultural, security and development issues in an integrated manner. First affected by economic crisis,
climate change, as well as conflicts, violence and discriminations, women are also enablers and actors
for positive changes. They foster sustainable development and inclusive economic growth, they
nurture education and health and they promote mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

1. Think about women as actors of change and
solutions to the regional challenges.
2. Examine how to strengthen their positive
contribution to development and stability.
3. Highlight women’s role in enhancing
sustainable development and inclusive
growth, in promoting tolerance and mutual
understanding and address the issue of women
and migrations.
4. Get inspired from testimonies and concrete
5. Formulate recommendations in terms of
policy decisions, exchange of experiences
and good practices from the field and identify
regional projects and initiatives.
6. Explore how strengthening regional
cooperation contributes to improving women’s
situation and living conditions.

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