Friday , February 23 2018
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Japanese Prime Minister visits the Middle East

Japanese Prime Minister visits the Middle East

Amman(womeninjordan)—The Government of Japan announced that Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, will pay anofficial visit to the Middle Eastern countries with a delegation including Japanese business figures from January 16th to 21st.Prime Minister Abe will first head off to Egypt, followed by visits to Jordan, Israel and Palestine.This is according to a press release by the Japanese embassy in Amman.

Prime Minister Abe is going to pay the second official visit to Egypt since he visited there as the Prime Minister in May, 2007. This will be the first official visit for the last 8 years as the incumbent Prime Minister of Japan. Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Jordan, Israel and Palestine will be the first time for the last 9 years since Prime Minister KOIZUMI’s visit in 2006.

In Egypt, Prime Minister Abe anticipates establishing a new relationship with Egypt as it holds the key to stability in the Middle Eastern Area. In Israel and Palestine, he is going to urge both Israel and Palestinian sides to enhance mutual trust for the resumption of the peace negotiation. In Jordan, Prime Minister Abe will announce the Japanese Government’s strong support to Jordan since it has been affected by the unstable regional situations including the influx of refugees and it has been at the front line of countermeasures to ISIL.

The Government of Japan anticipates that the Economic relationships between Japan and those countries will be strengthened through this official visit.

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