Friday , February 23 2018
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UN Launches First Online Platform Dedicated for Peace

UN Launches First Online Platform Dedicated for Peace

Amman(womeninjordan)—- The number of social media websites found on the Internet today is uncountable, but there isn’t a single one exclusively dedicated to promoting the culture of peace. With newsfeeds filled with conflicts, terrorism, and political problems, it’s clear that Peace needs a digital home.
This is the driving force behind Civic Peace Corps, a new social media platform initiated by the UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut), in partnership with Born Interactive and JWT, where people can interact, share and network for peace. Built on the momentum from last year’s first online demonstration for peace, which was attended digitally by around 4,000 demonstrators, is an avenue for expression, dialogue and education on issues related to peace.
Civic Peace Corps is more than just a forum: it also has three distinct spaces where users can meet. At “Exchange for Peace”, you can share with other users experiences, thoughts, comments, and opinions. If you’re into arts, “Art for Peace” is a place for you to share poems, paintings, songs, and any other artistic material you feel says something about peace. The “Educate for Peace” section helps you raise awareness or learn something new about peace, such as UN resolutions, Secretary-General’s messages, UN activities on peace, etc.
Anyone can anonymously comment on what’s posted on, however registration allows you to post content and upload images, documents, and even videos that relate to the pursuit of peace. To do this, you can either enter your personal information manually, or select to login with your Facebook account. Only a profile picture and the name of a user can be seen by anyone else on the network.
Once registered, you belong to a network of like-minded people, anywhere around the globe, engaged for peace. As Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said on the 32nd International Day of Peace: “let us all reflect on peace – and what it means for our human family”. With, you now have a platform to share your reflections with your human family.

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