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Médecins du Monde implements Mental Health Day in Zaatari camp and Ramtha

Médecins du Monde implements Mental Health Day in Zaatari camp and Ramtha

Amman(womeninjordan)—On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Médecins du Monde/Doctors of the World (MdM)and its partner Bright Future for Mental Health (BF)held an event aiming to raise awareness about mental health in Zaatari camp and in its clinic in Ramtha. From October 13 to 16, several activities took place highlighting that mental health is as real as physical health.
Syrian refugees have often gone through traumatic experiences due to the war and their journey to Jordan. Some people are depressed and isolate themselves while children might experience fear and bedwetting. Needs to heal these trauma is high. However, little do Syrian refugees recognize these signs and seek mental health support.
“Mental illnessamong Syrian refugees is highly stigmatized. People who need mental health support won’t seek services because they might be perceived as “being crazy”, explains Valentina Di Grazia, Mental Health Coordinator at MdM.The isolation, fear and stigma around mental illness arethe first things that we need to fight and with this event we would like to engage the general public in Zaatari and Ramtha in a deeper discussion about this complex and sensitive topic”.
The four-day event revolves around three main activities:
Awareness sessions in communities
In four districts of Zaatari, psychologists met community leaders such as teachers as well as street and religious leaders to raise their awareness on mental health;stigma, signs and symptoms of mental illnesses, reactions to stress and coping mechanismsare issues that are addressed. Community leaders are informed on how they can help someone in need of mental health support.
Recreational activities for children
In the waiting areas ofMdM two clinics in Zaatari camp and its clinic in Ramtha, special activities are dedicated to children happiness:face painting and drawings. Children are encouraged to express their feelings.A masterpiece entitled “My Feelings are a Work of Art” will be created with the collected drawings.
Aclosing ceremony
On Thursday 16 Octobre at 12 pm, a closing speech has been given in both MdM clinics in Zaatari camp and Ramtha. It was followed by the screening of Resilience above all, a short documentary produced by MdM on the coping mechanisms developed by Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Moreover, children taking part in BF mental health programme will sing a song.

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