Friday , February 23 2018
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First day of Tawjihi exam quiet, smooth –– Minister

First day of Tawjihi exam quiet, smooth –– Minister

Amman(womeninjordan)– –– More than 101,000 high school students from various academic and vocational streams headed to
examination halls in schools across the Kingdom for the 2014 tawjihi (General Secondary Education Certificate) exam’s summer
Education minister Mohammad Thneibat who surveyed a number of exam halls in Madaba, south of Amman, on the first day of the
exam, said that the test went ahead with “the highest degree of discipline and calm.” The minister said the summer term’s first
exam, which was in the subject of English language, was trouble-free with no complaints whatsoever being reported about any
disruptions. He assured that his ministry was keen that all facilities are in place at the exam room and to ensure that students have
enough time for the answers, having finally agreed to extend the time set for each of the subjects by ten minutes.
“The first day of tawjihi saw no gatherings by the public outside or inside exam halls, as happened in previous years, an indication
that citizens are cooperating well with the ministry to ensure a quiet and secure environment for their sons and daughters,” he told
The academic branch of the tawjihi qualifies students for entrance to universities, whereas the vocational or technical component
qualifies for entrance to community colleges or universities


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